Our Services


We sincerely believe that preventative health care and client education are extremely important. That's why we are more than happy to address any of your concerns or discuss any aspect of your pet's health including diet and behavior. Yearly wellness examinations along with lifestyle appropriate vaccinations, dental care, and good nutrition are essential for your pet's optimal health.

Our goal is to provide you with the best care options so your pet enjoys a happy, healthy life.

Diagnostics & Medicine

We perform a variety of routine diagnostic tests such as blood profiles, urine studies and intestinal parasite screens. Additional diagnostic capabilities include x-ray, blood pressure and EKG's, as well as microscopic examination of abnormal tissue samples, discharges and growths.
Doctor Checking Cat's Teeth — Veterinarian in Port Washington, WI
Dog having Surgery — Veterinarian in Port Washington, WI
Puppy inside a Red Carrier Bag — Veterinarian in Port Washington, WI


Our pets can't tell us when their teeth hurt. To ensure good oral health, we perform routine dental cleaning and polishing. We can also treat periodontal disease and perform extractions if necessary. Our staff teaches dental home care programs for your pet.


Our doctors perform general surgeries such as spays, neuters, and growth removals. We also remove foreign objects from the digestive tract and stones from the urinary bladder. Other common procedures include treating abscesses and lacerations.

Prior to anesthesia, it is very important to run blood profiles to evaluate internal health and anticipate potential risks. We use anesthesiologist-recommended protocols and monitoring equipment. Our certified veterinary technicians are responsible for monitoring the status of each pet before, during, and after anesthetic procedures.

We consult with board certified specialists at the University of Wisconsin veterinary school, and refer cases as needed for advanced care.


We offer clean and cozy accommodations for your pet. Dogs stay in indoor kennels and go outside for individual walks several times daily. Cats stay in a quiet area of the hospital, close to our staff so they get extra loving care and there own indoor play area. Our doctors are available if your pet needs medical attention during boarding.